Tackling the big problems

Operational efficiency

At Awake.AI we optimise port & ship operations which reduces global shipping emissions and tackles climate change.

Breaking siloed logistic chains

We bring transparency and automation increase enablers to logistic chains, and create synergies as well as new opportunities to the maritime industry on a global ecosystem scale.

Enabling platform

Our platform manages all the needed digital handshakes between ships and ports, and provides all needed data through cost effective APIs, further enabling digital operation services.

We enable autonomous ships to call at ports. This requires creating all the needed digital handshakes between smart ships and smart ports. We develop data standards, APIs, datasets and cloud services towards this future.

Our ambitious goal is to be the world’s most trusted smart ports and autonomous shipping platform and ecosystem orchestrator worldwide by 2025.

We have received growth engine funding from Business Finland. Read the article (in Finnish) here!

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Smart services interlinking all surrounding and connected parties

Collaborative open data platform

Facilitating ecosystem creation for smart ports and evolving autonomous shipping

Increasing operational efficiency

For all actors in the port ecosystem, from port service providers to infrastructure utilization to shipping customers and cargo owners

Predictive analytics and models

Enhancing key processes in both direct and connected harbor operations

Ecosystem creator

Developing smart port cargo flows and a future marketplace for selling and buying smart port & ship related services


Digital operation services enabled by managing all the digital handshakes between ships and ports through a cloud platform providing cost effective APIs

Significant reduction in emissions

Both direct and indirect emission reductions through process optimisation.

Reduced cost of transport and cost of port calls

Connecting data transparently in real-time enabling faster turnaround times.

Improved situational awareness and operation planning

Predictive analytics and models for key processes in harbour operations.

Increased productivity

Optimising current processes, maximizing revenue and minimizing process waste.

Gain additional revenue from shared data

Both plain data as well as inferred knowledge (AI) from produced data feeds for improving own services.

Increased earning time and create new service opportunities

Enabling offering of modern, fast services for transport participants for better customer satisfaction and local advantage.

Enabling remote and autonomous ships

Enabling autonomous shipping readiness for arriving and departing ports, as well as further terminal automation.

Founding team









Our team includes strong expertise and experience in cloud & network development, system architecture, cyber security, app & device development and IoT.


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